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aimolo Lavender 

100% Pure French Lavender Essential Oil 5mL

Natural.  Pure.  From around the world

Magic happens when you open a bottle of essential oil and experience its aroma.  The scent invokes an instant mood change, pleasing your soul and promoting wellness.  At aimolo, we care foremost about providing you quality essential oils that will give you a brilliant experience.  



Mother Nature has ingeniously created a wonderous variety of aromatic plants.  We provide you with the best she has to offer.  This includes carefully considering the raw materials, extraction process, shipping, and even the bottling.  We are dedicated to give you an enjoyable natural experience with aimolo essential oils and plant extracts.  



Nobody can make it better than Mother Nature.  We seek out the best plant harvests.  Then, we ensure that the extracted product is 100% pure, without any additives or harmful pollutants.  We look for organic options when possible, as well as fair trade and sustainably sourced plants.


From around the world

The amazing smell of essential oils come from aromatic plants that grow in all parts of the world.  Thru steam distillation and other methods, the essence of the plant is skillfully extracted.  It is then bottled to preserve high quality.  It is like you are traveling to far off places where exotic plants grow.  You are experiencing their natural magnificence when you open an aimolo bottle and smell their scent.

Our quality is guaranteed. We want you to be delighted and ensure that we have gone to great lengths to make sure every drop of aimolo essential oil has maintained its magical nature!

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