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Aimolo Oregano Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Origanum vulgare
Description: Oregano is a very potent essential oil that should be used sparingly. It offers significant
antimicrobial properties. But with its powerfully herbal scent, it is not a pleasant choice in perfumery.

Plant Part: Leaves and tops
Extraction Method: Steam distilled
Key Constituents: Carvacrol, p-cymene, terpinene, and thymol
Scent: Powerfully herbaceous and medicinal
Blends Nicely With: Lemon, rosemary, Melissa, or thyme.
Safety: Avoid during pregnancy and with children. Avoid topical use. A maximum dilution rate of 1% in a
carrier oil is suggested to avoid irritation. Avoid prolonged use. Contra-indicated with some medications.
Disclaimer: Avoid internal use. Dilute with topical use. Not for young children. Flammable. Consult
with your Doctor if you have any questions before use. Discontinue use if any irritation occurs.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and this product is not
intended to treat, diagnose, or cure diseases.

Oregano Oil

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