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Step 1 - TALK

  1. We talk about seizing the opportunity for whatever you are marketing, always ask superiors questions on how you can improve yourself to be the very best.

  2. It always pays to be a little different from others, always continue to learn something new every day. Especially from your teachers.

  3. For Marketing the most successful always try to find out what the needs of their customers from the beginning and what you can do to continue to be the best.

  4. You always want to inform people about your company so you are able to always connect and maintain their interest.

  5. Always do your research, and if the research makes no sense, always seek out more than one source.

  6. Work on becoming a good writer 

(This piece may take 20-30 minutes with kid's questions involved) 


Bring Flash Cards with Prewritten questions and answers for kids.

  • Play Around the world- Set up 2 separate lines of kids and whichever kid answers correctly receive a treat and continues while the other others keep facing off.  

(This may take up to 10 minutes) 


Have kids draw a picture that inspired their happiness or something that makes them happy. While using positive reinforcement about their artwork.

  • Help the kids if they require assistance.

  • Talk with them what inspired their drawings and why they drew their picture. 

(This may take anywhere between 20-30 minutes upon teacher schedule) 

Step 4 - REVIEW

Have a follow-up video with children to ask about their picture ideas and, have fun with them while asking questions. Ask questions such as: 

  1. What is your name? How old are you?

  2.  Who is in this picture?

  3.  What is your picture of?

  4.  When did you think of this idea?

  5.  Where is the place this picture is at?

  6.  How does this picture make you feel? 

(This may take only 10-15 minutes depending the number of children participating)


Thank the Teach and Class for allowing us to be a part of their time. 

  1. Measure and Monetize the event (create survey for feedback)

  2.  After going through the survey with the kids

  3.  After learning about the children's feedback hand out T-Shirts to Kids 

(This is the shortest part of the event and may only take about 4-7 minutes) 

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